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We All Have A Beginning.

The Beginning. It all depends. It could have started in the 70s. Maybe even the 80s. But more than likely the 90s. And then officially in the 2000s. In Toronto, Canada. One of the most multi cultural cities in the world.

The Influence. 80s pop culture. Andy Warhol. Mass media. Graphic design. Advertising. Anti Advertising. Grunge. Rebellion. Religion. Feminism. Love.

The Idea. Mainstream fashion apparel did not speak to the unique and ever growing South Asian community in the Western world. There was an obvious gap for expressing our unique and vibrant culture in the urban fashion landscape. Brown Man Clothing Co. was created to represent the desi audience in a funky and fun way.

The Drama. Were we ahead of our time? Was the world ready for us? We received a lot of hate mail in the beginning with our Hijabi's Are Hot! concept. No one had ever made such a remark. But we did. And we still stand by it today. When Facebook Groups were created requesting South Asians to boycott us, we responded with acceptance, love and respect. That and also coming out with a Hijabi's Are Hot! calendar where ALL proceeds of the sale of the calendar went to charity.

The Love. Brown Man Clothing Co. became the first ever South Asian apparel company to be sold at a major department store across Canada. We the expanded partnerships with boutique shops in New York and Denmark. We have shipped our funky graphic design t.shirts across the world to 5 continents and to over 250 cities worldwide. And this is just the beginning.

The Models. As we started to grow, it became very important to us to represent South Asians in our marketing materials. Our successful casting calls received applications from across the world and local photographers were put on a waiting list to work with us. Our approach became industry standard; use real models to represent our clothing. After all, we create our graphic design t.shirts for the real world, not the runway. And during this process, we've made a lot of friends along the way.

The Family.

When you wear our t.shirts, you're wearing a piece of history. A journey. You're representing something that was created just for you. To express who you are and our amazing South Asian culture. You've endured on the journey with us. And that is how you become part of the #brownmanclothingfamily. And much like family, we encourage you to keep in touch with us. Tell us your thoughts about our t.shirts. What you like. What you don't. What are we doing right. What are we doing wrong. Even if you just want to say hello and send us a picture of you rocking our gear. We're all about sharing and talking.

If you've been part of the #brownmanclothingfamily, thank you. We appreciate it. If you're not part just yet, we hope that you will be soon.