Brown Man Clothing Co. Corporate Logo

One Planet. One Love.

Simple principles. Do good. Be good.

Everyday we strive to live by these principles and we're always looking for betters ways on doing good and being good. From using ethical materials in our packaging that are recyclable and free of any harmful dyes or chemicals. We use non toxic water based paints in all of our designs. We source ethical partners to do business with. Our studio is equipped with fixtures that use low energy and we encourage all of our staff members to incorporate minimal waste throughout the working day.

Our t.shirts are made with ethically sourced materials and cotton and carry no harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

We share this wonderful big blue planet with millions of animal and plant species. We all just want to live in peace and have fun for the small amount of time that we have. So let's enjoy one another. Let's make one anothers lives great. Let's learn about one another. Let's help one another. Let's work together for a clean today for future generations to enjoy. And yes, it is that easy.

If you have tips and ideas that you feel that can help us become a better ethical company, let us know. We'd love to hear what you have to say.