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We're Brown Man Clothing Co.
And we're glad that you're here.
We believe in being funky, cool and innovative.
You know, all the things that our desi culture is.
We value our South Asian heritage and roots.
And we value on being the best in all that we do.
From our products.
To our service.
To your overall experience with us.
So if it's not as good fun as you had thought that it would be, let us know.
We won't be upset. We can take it.
And we'll make it right.
Because being the best in funky desi tshirts is important to us.
We look forward to seeing you rock our gear soon.
- Brown Man Clothing Co. Team

We're really just a bunch of modern day desi hippies.

We're all just passing by this great, wonderful thing called life. And while we're at it, let's all be nice to one another. Wouldn't that be great? And while we're at it, let's treat everyone and everything with respect. Like our parents. Our brothers and sisters. And the rest of the family. Let's also be kind to the people and animals that we meet. Let's care about the environment and the people in our communities, our towns, our cities, heck, in other cities and countries too. Let's give what we can and appreciate what we have. And what we have is this one life. To love and care for everyone and everything.

At Brown Man Clothing Co. we firmly believe in respect and tolerance for everyone and every living creature on our planet. We do our very best to think green in everything that we do from working with environment conscious vendors that we do business with to how we process and print our clothing to how we package and ship our shirts to you. We also believe in giving back to our communities and to those less fortunate. And we take the time to educate one another.

No Hate Heart Image

No Hate. No bullying. For everyone. We all deserve love, respect and tolerance for who we are.

Animal Rights image. Brown Man Clothing Co. supports animal rights.

Every living creature on our planet deserves rights and ethical treatment. Cruelty to animals will never be okay.

Freedom of speech image.

You may not like what is being said but everyone deserves the right for their voice to be spoken.

Human rights image.

We should never infringe on basic human rights. Everyone on this planet deserves the same basic human rights that we all have.

LGBTQ image.

Who you love and how you love them is no ones business. We all need love. Accept it, because it isn't going anywhere.

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