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It All Started With This Guy

So what did he do? You mean besides looking dapper and rocking plaid bow ties before the hipsters took it over? What a great question!

Growing up in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents, during a time when telling people that you were South Asian, a typical response would be, "...ooh, that sounds exotic! Can I drive there?", this cutie patooti grew up being a small minority in a very non multi-cultured city. Those were scary times. The nearest shop that sold samosas was a 20 minute drive. That is how crazy it was.

Fast forward a few years, Toronto was becoming a hub for a growing number of South Asian immigrants. And with them, they brought business, food, music and culture which started to influence life in the big city.

Desi pride was becoming a thing now. The only thing lacking was desi inspired fashion which was casual, funky and which made a statement. Sure you could find a tshirt with some wolves on it or something equally ridiculous such a beer logo or parody shirts about bacon. BORING! Nothing screamed anything about South Asian pride or desi culture with a modern twist. And then, a light bulb went on.

What this kid did was take the values that he grew up with of love, respect and equality with a dash of sarcastic humour and create some of the best funky desi tshirts you now know and love.

And then he grew up to be this guy

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