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At Brown Man Clothing Co. we're total social media junkies! We love keeping in touch with you and seeing what you're up to, what you've eaten, who you're loving, who your newest bae is... um, yeah... okay so where was I? Right! And we love showing you our stuff. After all, you're showing us yours so we'll show you ours... meaning what we're up at the studio, what we're thinking, what we ate for lunch, etc. It is so much fun! Make sure you connect with us!

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You're on Facebook. So why not while you're there, go visit our page and give us a little Like? Why? Well we post some pretty funny stuff, so funny in fact, it just may make your chai squirt out of your noise. And we're pretty sure that you'll share a few of our awesome pictures. Besides funny stuff, we're always posting news, updates and images from our clothing line or of our gorgeous desi models. So be in the know of what Brown Man Clothing Co. is up to. Also, when you Like Us, send us a message and we'll get you a discount off of your first order with us.

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We're not all paan and masala you know? We do at times post some pretty interesting articles about life, food and the hottest desi auntie trends. You should be following Brown Man Clothing Co. on Twitter for #T.shirtTuesday! Every Tuesday we put an item up for sale. This is a great opportunity to get our funky desi t.shirts at a discount. You never know, your favourite shirt may be going on sale real soon! Don't miss out. Follow us on Twitter!

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Ah Pinterest! We love Pinterest! We post funny pictures, ideas from around the world, inspiration South Asian material and of course, images of our funky desi t.shirts. On our boards, you will also see Behind The Scenes images from our photo shoots. You'll get an inside look at what we do and how we do it. And of course, we post a lot of funny pictures of desi aunties with stains on their clothes. It keeps us laughing.

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Instagram. The social media mecca for posting selfies and food. Okay, yeah, we're guilty of it too, we admit it. We're sure that you'll love at least one of our posts. And that is reason enough to check us out on Instagram. You'll get a better idea of what we stand for at Brown Man Clothing Co. And if you're nice, we just may follow you back.

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Why are on so many different social media outlets? We love posting our funky desi t.shirts for everyone to see. We're also selective of where we post our images. So chances are, if you're not following us on Google+, you're missing out on some news, updates and images that you have not seen on our other social media outlets.

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