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What's a bulk order?

What a great question. Some people hear the word 'bulk order' and think a shipping container!

So we try to keep it real easy. Minimum items to be considered a bulk order is 20+. Price drop for every 10 additional items ordered thereafter.

Need some more information? Write to us and we'll start saving you some money. And you're going to look awesome doing it.

want to sell/carry our shi*t?

From major department stores in North America to boutique shops in Copenhagen to that trendy store on that side street in New York City to even that glam shop in Dubai, we've been supplying some of our funky desi tshirts to shops around the world!

We offer a very competitive price along with great promotional material and support. And you'll be supporting independent talent and designers.

If you've got a retail front and think that our graphic ts would be a great fit for your customers, send us an e.mail and let's chat.

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